Runners Knee

Otherwise known as Patellofemoral pain syndrome, can often occur when a mistracking kneecap (patella) irritates the femoral groove in the thighbone where the patella rests (femur). It can also be a biomechanical problem, for example if the patella may be malformed or sit too high in the femoral groove, or if it's prone to dislocation. It can also be caused by muscular issues like tight or weak muscles. The knee cap (Patella) may feel sore or tender, often towards the center. You may also feel pain toward the back of the knee, and cracking or feel as if the knee might give out.

Cold Laser Knee pain Therapy, NYC When it comes to numbers about forty-two percent of overuse injuries, which are very common in sports, effect the knee joint, and patellafomoral pain is the most common overuse injury for runners. Because of our athletic, and active population, New Yorkers can be at a higher risk for knee pain. Tightness of the synergistic muscle groups can also lead to knee pain, because tight hamstrings or calf muscles can cause the quads put unnecessary pressure on the patella. Another cause of "runner's knee" can be wear and tear on the cartilage lining the joints. When cartilage in the knee joint, or any other joint for that matter, starts to wear down, it is less able to provide shock absorption, mistracking knees, when the knees turn in, or out, can also pull the patella out of its proper alignment and irritate the knees. Since the knee cap is not attached to any joint and is held in place by the surrounding musculature, it can be greatly affected by muscular or skeletal imbalances.

GaitScan Analysis

GaitScan analysis helps determine a runner's natural stride and foot placement, it is a very useful tool for diagnosing biomechanical problems. and helps pinpoint where potential or existing problems lie. If you aren't walking right, it can be a major cause of strain and wear on the patella. Living Well New York offers GaitScan analysis to create custom orthotics for your feet. Orthotics can help support the foot and correct many existing problems with the arches, heel, etc, to help you move better. An integrated approach also allows for the use of:

ART: (active release techniques) helps break up adhesions in muscles and soft tissue, promoting and restoring optimal range of motion, flexibility and blood flow, to speed healing and ease pain.

The Graston Technique: is an advanced deep tissue massage technique thats great for promoting healing and reducing treatment time.

Kinesio Taping: supportive taping that helps provide full range of motion.

Cold Laser therapy


Physical Therapy

Living Well Medical strives to provide its patients with the best in an integrated approach towards healing and performance available in New York City. An integrated approach allows the body to heal itself and better addresses muscular as well as skeletal problems, so the underlying cause for an injury is treated along with the pain.


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