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Holistic. Integrated. Effective.

Most people hear "holistic" and only think diet and exercise. In the case of neck pain, specifically chronic pain that may or may not be accompanied by numbness and tingling down the arm, a holistic approach means integration.

At Living Well New York a patient centered holistic treatment for neck pain is administered by a team of specialists. These experts in treating back and neck pain range from medical doctors and massage therapists, to chiropractors and Active Release Technique providers. A holistic approach to treating neck pain also means that the initial diagnostic phase must also consider the bigger picture. In addition to diagnostic screening and medical history questions, here are a few questions we consider when evaluating a patient suffering from neck pain.

  • Is the patient active? Is the patient sedentary in front of a computer for long periods of time?
  • Aside from posture throughout the day, how does the patient sleep
  • What are the patients goals for recovery, do they just want to be pain free or are they a high level competitive athlete
  • Have they had surgery
  • The length and cause of injury/ pain
  • Age, weight, and diet are also important factors in determining the best course of action

Another big part of the recovery process is the patient's determination to succeed and work at getting better. It isn't often talked about, but the patient's participation and desire to be back to normal, and even go beyond their recovery goals can have the largest impact on the success of the treatment protocol.

After diagnosis, the patient continues to undergo evaluations as they progress towards being pain free. Initially, depending on the patient, the program may call for specific chiropractic adjustments, and massage, eventually progressing to include physical therapy and then counseling on a return to activity and exercise. Other patients might require injections to reduce pain, and eventually undergo rehabilitation, while others will benefit greatly just from spinal decompression. And for those few patients that do require surgical intervention, the post surgical physical therapy can also be done in-house.

Looking at the overall picture isn't just about avoiding the use of pain medication, it also serves to find the best treatment for the individual patient, and results in safer, faster, long term, affordable care.

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  • "They're funny, smart, and professional. I actually found his office through Google reviews when I had some back issues after my move to NYC, and am incredibly grateful I did. I can't recommend Dr. Sho and his team enough."