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Back pain NYC-Back pain treatment

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In our office we utilize multiple disciplines to alleviate your back pain and return you back to the things that you enjoy.

Back pain can interfere with everyday activity like putting on your shoes, going to the bathroom and many more activities that depend on you ability to move properly.

When you visit our NYC Back pain office we will evaluate the source of back pain we do this with a comprehensive exam and if necessary we offer On-site diagnostics like Digital radiographs (x-rays) and Diagnostic ultrasound that can see exactly where it hurts and what is going on.

Once we diagnosis the problem, we offer a multiple prong approach to end your pain as quickly as possible and start your recovery. Dr. Arnold Blank MD is our on site pain management specialist. He can prescribe the appropriate pain medication and determine what is the most appropriate course of treatment either Chiropractic care, Physical therapy, Medical Massage, Acupuncture or a combination methods.

Most major medical insurance covers most of the services we provide, we offer a initial complimentary consultation to determine if we can help you.

Does your Back pain come from :

Herniated disc: leaking of disc material into the spinal canal
Spinal Stenosis:narrowing of the spinal canal
Spondylolishtesis: an out-of-line vertebra
Facet joint syndrome: degeneration of the joints holding the vertebrae together
Scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
Sacroiliac joint problems: degeneration of the joint that connects the sacrum to the pelvic bone
or discogenic low back pain
There are allot of different types of back pain and our team of experts work together to identify and effectively correct these problems with a combination of non-invasive and non surgical cutting edge technology's like
Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000
Cold laser therapy with the Erchonia laser
Power Plate Whole body vibration
Kinesio taping and the Graston Technique.
Physical therapy and the Mackenzie technique
Digital gait scan analysis and Custom orthotic fabrication.
Prolotherapy injections
If you live or work in Manhattan and suffer with Back pain, look no further then


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They're funny, smart, and professional. I actually found his office through Google reviews when I had some back issues after my move to NYC, and am incredibly grateful I did. I can't recommend Dr. Sho and his team enough."