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What should you do if you have Disc Pain or a Pinched Nerve, in NYC

IMG_0857.jpgLiving Well Medical has been serving New York City residents for a log time now. Located in the SOHO/ Tribeca area of Manhattan, Living Well has a vast array of cutting edge medical procedures that have been proven to help reduce pain, and speed healing. We also offer advanced in house diagnostic procedures to help find and treat the root of the issue. Patients can expect to get a personalized, integrated approach that combines, pain management, diagnostic care, along with chiropractic and physical therapy, to help you heal and recover without invasive, and painful surgery.

We often see patients that have been overwhelmed and confused by an MRI or a diagnosis of herniated or bulging disc, and may be looking at back surgery, followed by a long rehabilitation process. It's important to consider a non invasive approach alongside behavioral modification, and some lifestyle changes, to help you first, stop the problem from getting worse, and then allowing the body's natural healing process to take hold.

What is a Pinched Nerve?

Back pain can not only be cause by problems with the intervertebral discs but also due to the resulting irritation, or impingement of the nerves that are housed in the spine. When the vertebrae of the spine deviates from their natural positions, the nerves can be affected.

"When a patient has a symptomatic herniated disc, it is not the disc space itself that hurts, but rather the disc herniation is pinching a nerve in the spine.     _SpineHealth"

This is referred to as Sciatica

">"The clinical diagnosis of sciatica is referred to as a "radiculopathy", which simply means that a disc has protruded from its normal position in the vertebral column and is putting pressure on the radicular nerve (nerve root) in the lower back, which forms part of the sciatic nerve…Note that sciatica is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a symptom of an underlying problem in the lower back (such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis that is compressing or irritating the nerve roots)."            _SpineHealth

How is that different from Disc Pain?

"Disc pain- When a patient has a symptomatic degenerated disc (one that causes low back pain and/or leg pain), it is the disc space itself that is painful and the source of pain. This type of pain is typically called axial pain. On Spine-health, this type of condition where there is actual disc space pain is referred to as degenerative disc disease."

So the distinction is an important one to note, that not everyone who has back pain is suffering from the same thing. Symptoms of Sciatica can emanate from a nerve becoming irritated due to a disc between the vertebrae impinging it, and you can experience pain from a disc itself, that may be degenerating.

Its important for people in New York City, that are suffering form back pain, to consider their options. The body is very capable of dealing with pain and injury, and the healing process can be used to help it right itself. If you're in the New York area, Living Well Medical offers a free consultation. If you've been told that you need back surgery, we offer a second opinion at no charge. Call us for an immediate appointment, at: 212 645 8151.


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