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Living Well Medical helps patients recover from painful injuries and conditions with an integrative approach that includes various forms of physical therapy (PT). Please call us at 212-627-8149 if you have questions not listed here.

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What is physical therapy?

PT is a healthcare discipline focused on helping improve our patients’ quality of life by helping them regain normal range of motion, improved mobility and pain relief after an injury, the affects of chronic disease, aging or other factors. A course of PT normally includes therapeutic exercises and stretches to rehabilitate and retrain muscles, as well as manual therapy to mobilize, stretch and relax muscles as well as breaking down stiff, painful scar tissue.

What kinds of conditions can be alleviated through PT?

PT can help a wide range of patients with a wide range of injuries and disorders. A few of the most common conditions we help with include: injury recovery, back pain, repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow etc.), muscle spasms, sprains, sciatica, disc degeneration, shin splints, neck pain, piriformis spasms, torn rotator cuffs, tendonitis, shin splints, bursitis, and many others.

What should I wear to my PT appointment?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing like you might wear to an exercise class.

How can I know if PT might help me with my injury recovery?

It is important to discuss all of your options with our physician. Our therapists work directly with Dr. Webb to design individualized PT plans that combine pain management and rehabilitative treatments that will directly address your needs now, and as you go through the recovery process.

What sorts of techniques are included in your PT?

PT is a multifaceted discipline that includes several different therapies and techniques. During your recovery, you may experience a one or several of them in combination depending on what you need. Some of these techniques include:

  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches to improve strength, mobility, balance and flexibility
  • Advanced manual therapy
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Balance and proprioceptive training
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Joint mobilization
  • Postural Technique
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Home exercise training

How long does it take for PT to resolve my injury or condition?

The answer to this question is a highly individual one. It depends on the condition or injury. It also depends on the treatments used. And it depends on you—PT is a discipline in which progress is often measured by how proactively the patient is involved with his or her treatment. Many of the exercises and stretches you learn will only have a positive impact if you follow the instructions and perform these regularly at home. The most proactive patients are the ones who usually experience the most improvement in terms of mobility, range of motion and pain relief!

To learn more about PT or any of our other treatment options, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 212-627-8149.


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