Hyalgan Injections for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Hyalgan Injections Can Optimize Your Daily Life

Are you suffering from chronic pain and inflammation due to knee pain, osteoarthritis or arthritis? Living Well Medical is your trusted source for Hyalgan and knee pain injections in NYC to transform your osteoarthritis and arthritis. Injections of Hyalgan in NYC work independently and in conjunction with other treatments to optimize your wellness.

Patients in NYC who suffer from knee pain or inflammation due to arthritis or osteoarthritis can breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to the introduction of non-narcotic Hyalgan injections at Living Well Medical. Not every patient can undergo physical therapy or chiropractic treatment for pain and discomfort. Some patients suffer from chronic pain, which may be further aggravated by physical therapy exercises which are required to correct the underlying musculoskeletal issues that can contributing to pain. In these cases Dr. Stephanie Webb, Doctor of Osteopathy and Living Well Medical’s resident pain management specialist, often recommends Hyalgan for immediate and long-lasting pain relief.

Hyalgan can be prescribed as part of a physical rehabilitation regime that includes exercise, soft tissue manipulation, and other therapies, as well as by itself. Hyalgan has been proven effective even in patients who have not responded positively to other treatment methods, including knee surgery.

Hyalgan works by infusing hyaluronate, a naturally occurring substance in the knee joint, directly into the knee. When this naturally occurring fluid is depleted, necessary lubrication is reduced and painful friction can take place, resulting in arthritis and other joint dysfunctions.  Hyalgan replaces the lost lubricating fluid that the joint no longer produces and instantly provides pain relief and comfort.  Results last several months (up to 6 months in most patients), and the frequency and dosage of the initial injection(s) varies per each patient’s needs and condition.  While some patients require 3 injections in weekly intervals before reaching the full benefits of Hyalgan, others may require fewer or more treatments to achieve optimum results.

Because Hyalgan is essentially a naturally occurring substance in the knee and not a traditional drug, the possible side effects and risks are minimal and rare.  Redness or bruising at the injection site, as well as mild temporary swelling can occur, but are easily controlled with a cold compress and subside shortly after treatment.

Hyalgan can provide superior results to prescription painkillers because it treats the pain at its source.  Once Hyalgan is deposited into the knee joint via injection, it cushions and lubricates the knee.  While oral painkillers must travel through the bloodstream to relieve pain, Hyalgan goes to work directly in the affected area without the negative side effects associated with prescription medication.

Patients who undergo a Hyalgan treatment cycle can expect an increase in comfort, movement, agility, and flexibility, due to a properly lubricated knee joint.  This also allows patients who are undergoing a physical therapy program to better perform the necessary exercises for improved knee motion and strength.

For additional information on the benefits of Hyalgan, or for a knee pain consultation with Dr. Stephanie Webb in NYC, please contact 212-645-8151 or click here to schedule an appointment.

How Hyalgan Injections Work

Hyaluronate naturally occurs as a substance within the knee. When this fluid is deficient, lubrication to move the knee joint is reduced, creating friction among associated anatomical structures used to move and stabilize the knee. Hyalgan works by infusing hyaluronate directly into the knee. It is not a drug, and can provide significant results over common pharmaceutical interventions for pain while remaining free of the side effects often associated with prescription pain relievers. Knee pain injections in NYC can offer almost immediate relief by replacing the lubrication that has been missing from the knee.

Because each patient's experience is unique, our caring doctor will determine the best schedule for your Hyalgan injection treatments. The number of treatments you need depends on a number of factors, including the degree of your osteoarthritis or arthritis. Most patients are able to enjoy results that last up to six months, but the results you see may differ from knee to knee. For example, you may need three knee pain injections in NYC each week in one knee before experiencing the full benefit that Hyalgan offers, while your other knee might experience less pain much sooner.

To prepare for your injection, we will swab the knee to first administer a local anesthetic to the area. Our doctor will then place a fluoroscope over the knee -- this provides an x-ray image to help us guide the Hyalgan injection to the appropriate area. A guiding dye will then be administered. The dye is used to be sure the needle has been positioned properly into the knee space. This needle will be replaced with one containing the Hyalgan, and Hyalgan will be injected into the knee to bond with synovial fluid, helping to cushion the joint.

Most patients report relief after their first treatment, but will become pain free after three. We continue your treatment based on your health history and how you're responding to each injection. If you are undergoing a rehabilitation program like physical therapy as a part of your wellness plan, Hyalgan can help increase and improve overall range of motion in addition to reducing your experience of pain. This allows you to achieve better results with your exercises at home.

If you experience daily pain that is setting you back, let us help you return to the activities you love most. Knee pain injections in NYC could be what's standing between pain and freedom. We look forward to seeing you at a visit soon.


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