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Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain Treatment NYC

Ankle pain treatment NYC options include cold laser therapy, deep tissue massage, the graston techniqu and custom orthotics to treat ankle pain NYC The ankle is a joint that connects the leg to the foot. It’s an intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles that has to bear the body’s weight with every step. So it’s no surprise that ankle injuries are common. About 20% of all people who go to a hospital emergency room with a lower body injury go there with an ankle injury.

The good news is that almost all ankle pain can be successfully treated without the need for surgery.

The most common ankle injury is a sprained ankle. A sprain is an injury to a ligament, connective tissue that joins one bone to another. Overstretching or small tears in a ligament cause swelling and bruising. This makes it difficult to put weight on the ankle and causes pain when you do so. Mild sprains can heal by themselves in a few days. More serious sprains can take months to heal and often need treatment.

Other common ankle injuries include Achilles tendonitis and arthritis. Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which connects the heel to the calf muscles. Arthritis is a degenerative inflammatory condition that can be caused by overuse or age.

Medication can help with ankle pain but it’s always better to treat the underlying condition that’s causing the pain. This will stop the pain from coming back.

Some treatments help ease the pain of nearly all types of ankle injuries:

Kinesio taping uses special highly elastic tape. This provides support to an injured ankle, allowing it to bear weight without causing pain. And unlike conventional athletic tape, Kinesio tape isn’t bulky and doesn’t limit flexibility. Most people don’t even know they’re wearing it. This is great for athletes but just as helpful for anyone who ever has to a climb a flight of stairs.

Physical therapy – stretching and strengthening exercises, combined with massage and chiropractic manipulations, help heal damaged tissue and increase the strength of the muscles surrounding the ankle.

Orthotics – special inserts that go inside of shoes can help redistribute the body’s weight away from the ankle.

Reducing the Build up of Scar Tissue

Sometimes ankle pain is caused by buildup of scar tissue from previous injuries. Ordinarily, scar tissue causes no problems, but sometimes too much of it accumulates. This limits mobility and causes pain. Other times, scar tissue creates adhesions, joining together two structures that are supposed to remain separate, once again limiting range of motion and causing pain. When this happens, the scar tissue needs to be broken up–but not by surgery.

Active Release Techniques use directed hand pressure to break up scar tissue.

The Graston Technique uses specially curved steel instruments that better focus hand pressure onto the area of scar tissue and help to break it up.

Even when ankle pain goes away on its own, treatment may be needed. Repeated instances of ankle pain are a warning from your body that your ankle just isn’t strong enough. Physical therapy and chiropractic manipulations can help strengthen your ankle and the surrounding muscles, insuring that ankle pain doesn’t come back.


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