Bulging Disc Treatment NYC

Bulging Disc Treatment in New York City

What is a Bulging Disc?

hernated disc treatment NYC, Soho Noho downtown New York City chiropractor and physical therapist for back pain In between the bones in our spines are gelatinous discs that perform a number of functions, specifically to act as a shock absorber for the spine, to function as a ligament that bonds vertebrae together and to act as a joint and allow slight movement of the vertebral bones. The discs are composed of two parts, a durable outer casing called the annulus fibrosus which is composed mainly of fibrocartilage (a type of tissue that is a mixture of fibrous tissues and cartilaginous tissues) and a soft inner jelly called the nucleus polposus.

These intervertebral discs are generally very sturdy, but as we age it is normal for them to degenerate, making injury to the spinal discs potentially easier. A bulging disc occurs when the annulus of a spinal disc weakens sufficiently to allow the nucleus material to bulge outward which has the ability to irritate the nerve roots in the area, causing pain. The causes of bulging discs are as varied as the people who experience them: trauma, spinal degeneration, and age are all factors that can lead to bulging discs.

Common Bulging Disc Symptoms and Types of Pain

For some individuals, a bulging disc will cause no symptoms, no pain at all. However, for those who do experience pain, a bulging disc can be completely debilitating. This is primarily due to compression of the sciatic nerve, a problem that can result in leg pain, lower back pain, muscle weakness, tingling, burning sensations, and numbness. It's not uncommon to have difficulty sitting, standing, or even lying down to sleep because of the pain.

Bulging Disc Treatment in Downtown Manhattan, NYC

At Living Well Medical in NYC, we regularly treat people who are suffering with conditions of the spinal discs like bulging or herniated discs that are causing nerve irritation and impingement. Taking a comprehensive approach to pain relief, we combine non-surgical elements of treatment like spinal decompression with the DRX 9000, physical therapy, cold laser treatments, and pain management, to name a few. Built with the individual patient in mind, your treatment program is intended to get at the root of symptoms and relieve pain.

Treatment for a disc-related pain like a bulging disc is typically comprised of a few general stages: identify the source of pain (diagnostics), reduce/stop the pain (treatment), and prevent future pain. In the case of a bulging disc, strengthening the neck and back muscles that support the spine can help decrease the likelihood of future recurrences.

If severe back or neck pain from a bulging disc is taking its toll on your life, we want to help you. Call Living Well Medical in NYC at 212-645-8151 and make an appointment today.

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