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Cold laser therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome

The Modern Medical Technology "Secret" of Top Athletes Like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods… that's Finally Available to You! 

    Cold Laser Therapy is a magnificent, safe and painless treatment technology that has been used worldwide for several decades. 

    Only recently has it made its way into American physicians' offices.

    Its application is simple; the doctor shines the red light over the affected area and/or the nerves.  It can be done through clothing and you don't feel a thing. 

    It's unlike any treatment anyone has ever experienced.  Cold Laser Therapy can:

(1) REDUCE PAIN by stimulating cells to produce their own endorphins, a natural painkiller,

(2) PROMOTE FASTER HEALING by stimulating cells to increase the production of two major healing enzymes by as much as 75%,

(3) REDUCE INFLAMMATION by as much as 75%,


(5) RELAX MUSCLES and muscle spasms,

(6) DECREASE SWELLING by stimulating lymphatic drainage,

(7) ENHANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM by increasing the number of "killer" cells by 400-900%, and most importantly,

(8) RE-ENERGIZE CELL MEMBRANES to allow transport of essential nutrients across cell walls (nutrients will not cross an injured or sick cell wall, thus slowing healing) allowing a healthy new cell to grow.

    How it actually works on the other hand, is quite complicated

    It has been said that Albert Einstein originally suggested the LASER around 1920. But, just like most of his brilliant ideas, he was way ahead of his time.  By 1960, governments and researchers were concentrating on military applications of LASER. But a Hungarian surgeon named Dr. Endre Mester suspected that laser light might have a more humane application-the destruction of malignant cancer cells. 

    His news was bad and good. His laser didn't work for cancer.

    But fortunately he discovered that surgical incisions he made in lab animals healed dramatically FASTER with his laser light. Follow-up experiments on infections, burns and other conditions revealed amazing results-they all healed much faster. 

    And he figured out what went wrong with his cancer experiments. The laser was underpowered. That's why it didn't destroy cancer cells. He realized that in the same way sunlight is destructive in high doses, but healing in small doses…laser light was healing at low power. 

    This led to the development of a science he called "laser biostimulation." Today there is an entire science field devoted to this subject call photobiology-the study of how light effects living things.

    What Exactly Is Cold Laser?

     Only recently have lasers become the "rage" for surgery. But cold laser is totally different from the surgical laser. High power lasers are used to cut through tissue while low-power or "cold" lasers stimulate tissue repair and healing. 

    Scientists figured out that there are different kinds of light. And they create different effects on the cells of our bodies. We all know the light we can SEE-the range of colors of the spectrum of a rainbow. We also know that sunlight produces HEAT. Ultraviolet light is the part of the spectrum that causes tanning or burning of the skin.

   Scientists refer to cold laser light as compressed from a wavelength of the cold, red electromagnetic part of the spectrum. It's very different from natural light because it's just ONE color. Plus it travels in a straight line and can be polarized, which means the beam can be aimed at a specific area.  This lets the laser light go through the surface of the skin without heating it! 

    No damage... No side effects.

   Worldwide, cold laser has been reported to successfully treat an incredible number of conditions. Research scientists say it's because it works at the cellular level. More than 2,500 research reports have been published. And more than 100 double blind positive studies confirm that it works.
   Cold Laser therapy is safe and effective for decreasing pain and healing many conditions. It's an awesome technology-part of a complete chronic pain treatment program. With the Erchonia Cold Laser, we are even able to precisely diagnose the areas of nerve compression and treat them!

  "How Does Cold Laser Work?"

    I don't want to get too crazy here attempting to explain cold laser… because it's based on some "heavy duty" physics and cell biology and physiology.  Everybody wants to know how shining a red light on them could help them.

     Ancient Practice… Modern Technology

    Cold laser is helping many conditions previously untreatable with anything but medication. But light therapy is hardly a new concept. Light has been used for healing for thousands of years, starting with the Chinese, Greeks and Romans who recognized the positive effects of sunlight. 

    The rays of the sun make plant seeds sprout through changes in their genetic materials-DNA and RNA. Remember that the sun's rays are full spectrum light…meaning that there are many wavelengths.  Yet only ONE specific wavelength or frequency causes the seeds to germinate. 

    Every cell, tissue and organ of your body has a specific frequency that regulates important functions. Things like protein such as protein synthesis, cell division and communication. Quantum physics explains that the matrix of living cells has laser-like RESONANCE FREQUENCY-a unique property that signals various things like growth, injury repair and immune function

    Using specific cold laser frequencies and wavelengths can balance the body's defense and repair mechanisms. This means that disease shows up as chemical imbalances…but the underlying cause is electromagnetic. So applying a specific frequency can restore normal function to cells.

   It's critical to use the RIGHT WAVELENGTHS, FREQUENCIES and other settings. What we're talking about here is…

Pain Relief Through Quantum Physics (Instead of drugs and surgery)

    The Erchonia PL-5000 Cold Laser that I use can be programmed to different frequencies to treat different areas of the body, at the cellular level. 

 Think of it as a calculator... that subtracts pain!

"Fueling the Power Plant"

    All the cells of your body have a miniature "power plant" inside called the mitochondria. That's where your cell's energy is produced. It's called ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate). Cold laser light stimulates an increase in ATP production in the mitochondria. This process is similar to how your body uses the sun's energy to manufacture Vitamin D. 

    When your cells have more energy available, they operate more efficiently. Researchers say cold laser improves transportation of nutrients through the cells. It can help increase chemicals known as endorphins. These are your body's natural, built-in pain relievers. 

    The mitochondria are very sensitive to light. The amazing discovery made by Dr. Mester was that certain frequencies of light could increase the "power plant's" ability to make MORE energy…speeding up the healing rate of injuries. The blood's immune response can improve. Oxygen to the cells can increase too. 

    Cold laser light also activates enzymes within cells. This triggers beneficial chemical reactions to activate more enzymes-like a "domino effect." What's really fascinating is that only the cells that need the light absorb it.

    What would you say if a noted neuroscientist told you an injured spinal cord could be repaired by shining a light on it?

   The research was conducted by neuroscientist, Juanita Anders at Bethesda, Maryland. Her lab is at the Uniformed Services University, the U.S. military's medical school.  Over the past seven years, Anders has been studying the healing powers of cold lasers. She has found that in rats, laser therapy can repair severed spinal cords, allowing once-injured animals to walk again-a 300% faster rate of healing. 

   It is unlikely that there is any other type of treatment technology that can produce as many positive effects-yet cause no bad effects. There are drugs which produce positive effects…but at the cost of many negative side effects. 

    To summarize: when cold laser is applied… your body's natural healing response is stimulated… and… in many cases… it heals faster and better. It's proven safe and effective for decreasing pain and improving healing. 

    New Technology? Well, not really...

    What seems "new" is often not new at all…just new to us. Consider the scene decades ago, when the ancient art of Acupuncture was brought to the United States. Nearly every other modern country had used Acupuncture. It had been successfully practiced for thousands of years before our medical "experts" would even remotely accept it as a useful medical treatment. 

   In 2002 another "new" technology-the cold laser was introduced to the U.S. It has also been used worldwide for a long time… over 40 years in modern Asian and European countries and Australia… for an incredible number of conditions. I mentioned earlier that more than 2,000 research reports have been published. Plus, more than 100 double blind positive studies confirm that it works.      

    The FDA Finally Gives Market Clearance for Cold Laser in the U.S.A.

     Sadly it took over 40 years for America to catch on to cold laser. That is, if you can call the minuscule number of doctors who've bothered to learn about it, "catching on." 

    Anyway…finally, in 2002 the first patent and market clearance was given for the non-surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Double-blind studies were conducted with General Motors and Baylor College of Medicine. They revealed an amazing 75.6% success rate.  Remarkably, the studies showed the cold laser even worked on patients that already had surgery!

    With so many modern medical "cures" causing worse problems than the conditions they were initially intended to treat… one of the most important benefits was… No Documented Side Effects! Not one. Plus there's no risk of infection and no surgical complications with cold laser. 

    Erchonia Medical made history by becoming the first to receive FDA market clearance for the treatment of chronic pain, proven  through two double blind studies. The Erchonia Lasers are the most advanced lasers on the market, with their sleek revolutionary design, patented line generated beam, and the ability to program independent frequencies in all of their family of lasers. 
 In my  NYC Physical therapy practice we use the Erchonia Cold Laser...

The same laser used exclusively by Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, as well as other elite professional athletes, including NFL football teams like the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. 

    The US Olympic Committee enthusiastically endorsed cold laser therapy in January of 2004.     

    I'm proud to have learned the exact protocols from Dr. Jeff Spencer, who has been the team doctor for the United States Postal Service, Tour de France cycling team with Lance Armstrong. 

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