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DRX 9000 NYC, Herniated disc NYC, L4-L5 herniated disc C4-C5 disc herniation

DRX 9000 NYC?, Herniated disc NYCL5 herniated disc C4-C5 disc herniation

By now if you live or work in Manhattan NYC you probally have seen the ads in the local NYC papers or watched comercials on local tv about the DRX 9000 spinal decompression system.

There are several offices that utulize this table, We have been utulizing the DRX 9000 system longer then any other NYC practice. In fact we are the only NYC office that holds a Patent on our properiety protocols.

When this treatment is used in conjuction with a effective core strengthening protocol  the results are outstanding.

To many patients once they find out they have a herniated disc often try Physical therapy for months sometimes with little to no results ( not anything against Physical therapy we have several in our office)

Surgery for a herniated disc should be the last resort but often times patients try Physical therapy and pain management and still have pain. If spinal decompression is not an option what else is there to do?

Spinal decompression for herniated disc.

If you are interested in learning more about Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000 can resolve not only your pain but solve your herniated disc problem once and for all call us for a Consult.


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  • "They're funny, smart, and professional. I actually found his office through Google reviews when I had some back issues after my move to NYC, and am incredibly grateful I did. I can't recommend Dr. Sho and his team enough."